Fools Rush In . . .

Microreviews Redux

Mike at WorkAt the risk of opening myself to valid criticism after yesterday’s post on the fading art of the book review, I’ve just managed to bang out his week’s microreviews. They’re now positioned for your reading pleasure on the sidebar. Last week’s coverage has been added to the microreview page for those of you who care to head over there and reminisce.

Keep in mind while you’re reading these reviews that I’ve tried to distill the complex essence of narrative and form into a few words. Well, except for the No! No! No! category, which seems to write itself . . .

Anyway, enjoy. There really is no such thing as a bad book for everyone – I wait to stand corrected.

3 Responses to Fools Rush In . . .

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Hard to know where to go for good critical writing these days–the “Thumbs up” mentality seems to prevail, rather than an in-depth discussion of the merits (or shortcomings) of a particular movie, book or artwork. “Popmatters” is a pretty decent site and so is “Book Forum”. At least they tackle works that I might appreciate, requiring an expenditure of effort and focus, rather than fluff and spectacle. The web is often too fan-ish, rather than employing creative criteria, a system of determining good or bad art…

  2. Mike Poole says:

    Thanks Cliff, I really appreciate the tips. I’ll check the sites, and I think I’ll have to spend a long time reading through yours – it seems very interesting! Your point about the lack of creative criteria or some sort of evaluative framework is the sort of thing that pushed me towards this blog. It’s early days yet and I’m taking a wide aim, but I intend to work around to more carefully defining some sort of critical aesthetic. Thanks again.

  3. Cliff Burns says:

    Good luck with your creative and aesthetic endeavors. I’ve met some terrific and smart people through my blog and related forums and I think there’s always more room for someone with a fresh perspective and operative synapses. Hang in there, mon…

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