Internet Addiction

A Quick Note on Becoming Dilbert

Meandering through an afternoon of work I received an email and had an epiphany. At the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking for you.

I think I’ve become Dilbert, as frightening as that might seem. With due apologies to Scott Adams and with recognition that Universal Features Syndicate holds joint copyright of the strip, I give you today’s adventure from Cubesville.

Dilbert, Copyright Scott Adams Inc and UFS

If it’s too small on your screen, just click on it for a larger version. But you know that, right?

Save Ratbert, this is my life. Ian over at Getting Confused About the Web recently asked “how do you bloggers blog?” He meant how do we find the time, given busy lives? What motivates us? My answer is simple, and hopefully still sane.

With shaking fingers I type it: I blog one word at a time, because I’m addicted. The Internet stretches out my world.

What about you?

Face in a Crowd, by vividBreezeI’m also thinking, “hmm, WI-FI signal boosters, I didn’t know about them . . .”

So my world gets smaller even as it expands. Now, that’s puzzling.


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