About Mike Poole

MikeI’m a late starter, and often irregular. At 34 I completed my PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at the Australian National University and headed slightly off the track to East Asia. Since then I’ve been a chief editor in Hong Kong for five and a half years. Having now reached 40 I realise that my education taught me more about what I didn’t know than what I did. My kids constantly do the same.

Greetings Earthlings! is an attempt to show that we all might know a little less than we think, and to start a discussion on how we can begin to see things slightly otherwise.

If you’ve read my posts and have something to say about them, just leave a comment: for, against or indifferent, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll be happy to know your views on the issues that grab my attention.

11 Responses to About Mike Poole

  1. cm3blog says:

    Thank you so very much for the welcome comment on my new blog. I am still overwhelmed with all there is to learn about blogging and WordPress, etc., but I am determined to figure it out and enjoy the experience as well. Your warm welcome has encouraged me to get on with it. Thanks, again.

  2. Yo Mike-the-earthling-greeter….

    Damn! Thanks for the cool message, dude! I’m subscribing to your blog in my Google Reader as I type.

    The Lifekludger pic is completely open season, and not exclusive to Dave’s site. So feel free to use it. In fact, I’m pretty certain Dave himself would say that, regardless.

    Dude… please feel absolutely free to use my images in your blog whenever you like. And feel free to change them if you like. They’re distributed under a share-alike license, which means you can pretty much do whatever you choose with them!

    Thanks muchly for asking. But really not necessary. And since I’m subscribing to your feed, I’ll be up to speed whenever you use one of my pics to illustrate an article.

    It would be pretty cool of you to zap me one of those Flickr testimonial thangs if you like, at some point.

    Thanks, dude!

    Blue skies

  3. Mike Poole says:

    Roy, thanks a million! I’ll write you a Flickr testimonial this evening. But first, a post with your images in it . . .

  4. […] shape of a photo on flickr that references Lifekludger being used in a blog post. The post was by Mike Poole who’d used a photo of a drawing Roy Blumenthal had started for me when designing a logo for […]

  5. Anonymous says:

    great works to have this blog for migrant workers especially in hongkong, to uncover the reality behind…

  6. Mike Poole says:

    Thanks – it’s really the least I can do. We need a great deal more conversation in the blogosphere about issues like those I’ve covered.

  7. […] A Death in Hong Kong Discovery Bay Residents Seeking Justice for Vicenta Flores About Mike: About – https://greetingsearthlings.wordpress.com/about-mike-poole/ PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at the Australian National University Chief editor in Hong Kong for […]

  8. Greg Sadler says:

    Small world. I bumped into your blog randomly and started reading. Then I come to your bio and it turns out we’re educated in the same place!

  9. Mike Poole says:

    A small world indeed! I was at the Faculty of Asian Studies (which I believe is now part of a larger School) and did my honours at the History Department at the Faculty of Arts. Thanks for your comments Greg – they’ve given me a great deal more to think about. My workload is pressing me down at the moment, but I’ll certainly reply to them properly as soon as I can.

    For other readers who might be interested, and thoughtful writing should always be interesting whether or not you agree with it, Greg’s new blog is Our Cognitive Surplus.

  10. Mark Poole says:

    Mike, hi. Long time, no see. I found some of your posts very interesting, particularly those touching on family life. Drop me a line sometime if you’d like.

  11. Mike Poole says:

    Hi Mark, long time indeed. I’ll drop you a line. And by the way, you really should update your blog – we’ve read all the posts and we’re waiting for more!

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