Welcome to the Age of Porn

15 February 2008

Hong Kong, You’re Standing in It

Scandals can be the spice of life, but sometimes they’re a little mundane. Take, for instance, the current kerfuffle in Hong Kong about photos uploaded to the Internet from singer Edison Chen’s laptop. Young Edison likes to take digital snaps of himself having sex with the local canto-starlets and is a little too gormless to not send his computer in for repairs. Another year, another celebrity screw up. Literally. Rob Lowe and Paris Hilton, you’re role models now.

happy-days.jpgWell Edison was happy for a while. Or smug. At least until his good times became news highlights. You might recognise the woman in the photo – she’s Gillian Chung, the now more besmirched half of the canto-pop duo Twins.

Wikipedia has a page on this with 63 footnotes! The EastSouthWestNorth blog has also been following the media rendition of the saga, day by day, and it’s carrying more of the censored photos. Particularly interesting are those from Oriental Sunday, published by the Emperor Group, which just so happens to own the Emperor Entertainment Group, Gillian Chung’s management. ‘Never let a chance go by’ we like to say in Hong Kong.

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