From the Outside In

8 February 2008

Beginnings are the most difficult moments. They lurk, threaten and implore, urging us on into uncertainty. The very possibility of a beginning can be daunting because it opens a road ahead that might prove too challenging or even too easy, which raises the prospect of beginning again. So this post is tentative, a partial map of the direction I intend to take in the near future. It carries the assumption that things will change, my focus will meander, I might get lost.

The initial aim of Greetings Earthlings! is to show up the peculiarity of the usual, the illogic of what often passes as logic. Peculiarity is an underrated attribute – we tend to normalise things that don’t fit, force compliance on them through straightened perspectives. But often enough our presumptions have little basis in fact, no logical connection to the premises whence they came.

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